Retainer Assurance Program

Hooray! You have completed your orthodontic treatment here at Novick Orthodontics, and now it’s time to go out in the world while embracing your beautiful smile by wearing your retainers! Retainers are an essential part of your orthodontic journey because they keep your teeth straight and prevent movement after treatment is finished! Your first removable retainer is included with treatment. After you receive your initial retainer additional retainers are an added cost (not ideal!) But no worries; we have you covered with the launch of our Retainer Assurance Program! Whether you've lost your retainer or the dog ate it, this program is an amazing alternative to receive replacement retainers!

What is the Retainer Assurance Program?

Our Retainer Assurance Program will allow you to have clear removable Essix retainers replaced as needed, up to four times a year, for a total of five years once treatment is completed or once the program is purchased.

How does it work?

With our Retainer Assurance Program, we will take a 3D scan of your teeth after your braces are removed or you've completed your aligner treatment. The scan will provide you with an unbreakable 3D-printed model that future retainers will be made from. You will then drop off the 3D models at the front desk with the patient’s name and schedule a time to pick up the new retainers. There will be a $25 copay per arch for each remake with the model ($50 copay without the model).

There would only be four reasons why your retainer could not be made off your existing model:

  1. You are not wearing your retainers as instructed and you've allowed your teeth to move

  2. You lose or damage your models*

  3. You do not bring your models in right away and you let your teeth move

  4. You have significant dental work completed

Kim in our lab creating a retainer!

For any additional questions or information, please feel free to contact us at (708) 366-2300 or email us at!

Disclaimer: The retainer program fees are non-transferable and not applicable for prior retainer purchased. If the retainer does not fit properly based on the 3D model due to improper wear, significant dental work being completed, or losing your model, additional fees may apply.